How do we do it?

Our business mantra is quality and it runs throughout our products. Our manufacturing process, at our purpose built factory in Hereford, creates everything for the Durabase frames and wall sections.

It's all in the process

We import our brick facings from one of Europe’s most respectable suppliers of brick and stone products. This ensures that every installation that leaves us is of the highest standard – checked by our experts and then delivered to site on our network of trucks and vans.

Order Process

Quote - Our dedicated team of sales representatives work with you to deliver a tailored quote whether you are working on a conservatory, home extension or garden room project.

Order & delivery scheduled - Once you’re happy to proceed, the order is confirmed and then placed into our delivery schedule, which dictates the manufacturing schedule.

Pad plan provided - Our tech team will then use autoCAD to draw up the plans for the workshop, as well as the pad plan for the client site. We will then let you know timings on when we will complete the process by.

Invoiced - Once all is approved with you, our finance team will then invoice you for the project. If you have any queries through this stage our customer team is on hand to help you from Mon-Thurs 8:00 – 16:30 and Friday 8:00 – 15:30.


Manufacture Process

Step 1 - On the date of manufacturing, the order will go to our purpose-built workshop where the precision grade steel is cut and welded to size. It is then sent across to our spray booth where it is painted.

Step 2 - The galvanised steel carcass is pressed and spot welded to make up the wall sections.

Step 3 - The wall sections go through to our brick workshop, where the insulation and bricks are built on to the walls as well as being pointed. We have a variety of real brick styles so whatever finish you are looking for we can help you.

Step 4 -  As the walls are completed we then add all the hardware required for installation to the package.

Step 5 - The finished base is then checked, packed and wrapped with the steel frame, moisture resistant chipboard flooring, under floor insulation and hardware ready for delivery.

JHAI Building Control Process 

Step 1 - A minimum of 5 days prior to starting to build your extension you must submit your application form to JHAI (click here to open the form).

Step 2 - An inspection will be made once you have dug your foundation holes.

Step 3 - Another visit will be made during the pre plaster stage of your building. 

Your JHAI building inspector can also sign off your roof system. For JHAI approved roof systems see the resources page. 

JHAI are independent building control inspectors, but all of this work is registered with your local authority, and your certification of completion will come from your Local Authority.


That's the Durabase process!

Engineering Excellence

Durabase gives you:

  • a bespoke steel base
  • a real brick (yes, real bricks!) modular wall
  • a made to measure product that is engineered exactly to your specifications giving you a perfect fit every time 


JHAI is an approved inspector, licensed every five years by the government - via the Construction Industry Council (CIC) - to carry out BR approvals (Building Control) as an alternative to Local Authorities. They have processed over 65,000 BR applications in the last five years. By volume JHAI are the biggest approved inspectors and means you can get building regulations sign off with ease.

25 year guarantee

We are proud of our work and our reputation. Because of this we offer a 25 year guarantee of our workmanship. This gives the homeowner real confidence in the quality of their build and less post build snagging and issues.

Quality First

Durabase alleviates much of the hard work and most of the problems associated with the old style conservatory & home extension base construction, but still provides a safe, strong and firm foundation for your single story building.

We're JHAI single story approved and all our bases come with a 25 year guarantee to give you peace of mind.

Premium Grade Steel


Real Brick


So much quicker – immediate fit. Traditional is a much longer process and can take up to 2 weeks.
- Kevin (Conservatory Base Company)