If you’ve got anything more you want to know about Durabase, take a look at our list of frequently asked questions below. We’ve addressed a number of recurring queries that our customers may have regarding the possibilities and limitations of our steel frame system. For any questions not answered below, be sure to get in touch with us by filling out a contact form or calling us on 01432 266507.

Durabase Extensions

Types of bases include

  • Modular Dwarf Wall
  • Full Height (glass to ground)
  • Full Height Modular Wall
  • Selfbuild (traditional brick build)


If I require Building Regulation Approval? – Durabase Plus

Stroma Building Control is an inspection to ensure that your installations will meet and comply with Building Regulations. These are the standards which have been set to follow when creating a new building or when altering an already existing structure. This is to ensure your health, safety and welfare. It also considers the convenience of the people in and around your building. See our handy guide for more information.

Please see our handy guide!

Durabase is a nationwide company based in Hereford. We deliver to many places including Worthing, Newport, Cardiff, Bristol, Reading, Gloucester, Aylesbury and throughout the rest of the UK.

Any! The Durabase system is suitable for all roof types.

The Durabase arrives in individual lengths ready to be assembled on-site, it has already been fully assembled in the factory to ensure everything is in working order. The modular walls come in small sections pre-bricked and ready to assemble.

Durabase is the perfect solution for terrace houses and for sites with little or no garden access. The base and walls can be easily carried through a house, and the waste difference between digging our pads compared to traditional footing also makes the management of soil and rubble much easier practically and financially.

This depends on the installer’s experience and the size of the building. We recently sold a base that was assembled and fitted before our delivery driver returned to the workshop.

All bases and walls have extensive assembly instructions which will help to avoid any issues. A base with pads already prepared can be fitted in under one day. The walls and skirt can usually be done within a day.

If you are confident with building or are a high-level DIYer then you should manage a Durabase system without any difficulty. Working alongside our instructions, you can break the job down into stages to make it more manageable. We suggest if you have any doubts that you consult with a local builder for advice and help.

Savings can be made in several key areas.

  1. Labour hours are drastically reduced
  2. Soil and waste material disposal costs are minimised.
  3. Reduced delays in the schedule of work due to bad weather etc.
  4. Private drains and manholes can be spanned rather than moved
  5. Site restoration work is minimised due to the minimal disruption caused.

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