What is durabase?

Durabase was first used for conservatories. Our superb steel bases provided the perfect foundation for anyone wanting to extend their home with minimal fuss. Today, we offer a wide range of systems to suit any conservatory, home extension or garden room.

The Durabase Process

From your specification we can create a base and modular wall systems to suit the customer – unrestrained from more traditional building methods. The method of building speeds up groundwork as you don’t need to dig large footings therefore, reducing waste and mess on site. If you're working to tight timelines, our base can be installed and ready to go in 1 day.

What's more, everything is delivered in kit form for you to assemble, so no large amounts of concrete, bricks or building equipment are required unlike with traditional methods! 

Why is Durabase better than more traditional systems?
It's quicker, easier, cleaner, cost effective and more straight forward to install than traditional building techniques. It’s also covered by the 25 year guarantee and is JHAI approved. If that's not enough, see more reasons below why Durabase is better than a traditional, wet system:

It's quicker!

If you choose our foundation base construction, your conservatory can be built quickly and easily on pad foundations. Once a steel frame base has been installed, real brick modular walls can be put together in a matter of hours.


It's easier

The possibility of doing much of the work yourself cuts the cost of the project, an important factor for budget-conscious homeowners.


Less mess, less waste!

Durabase arrives in kit form and is suitable for both professional and DIY construction. The only foundations required are a number of concrete pads placed at strategic points around the base. This means far less excavation work and waste material to dispose of compared to other methods of base construction.


A cost effective solution

No need for expensive relocating of manholes or drains. When work is required in tight spaces, traditional foundations would need deeper excavation. Durabase can work around existing structures.


Worry-free with our warranty 

A 25 year guarantee gives you peace of mind with Durabase and what's better still is that this is standard across all our products.

Longer build time

With a wet system, there is a need to employ a professional for the duration of the construction, which can take weeks, and increases the cost of the project.


More complexities

Traditional, wet systems are often messy and require extra equipment to complete. This can cause complexities if access to the rear of the property is tight as well as the need to have further employees on site to help with multiple deliveries and stages of the build. This method is also dependent on multiple product deliveries turning up on time turning homes into building sites. You can also experience hold ups due to wet and cold weather.


Longer building control cycle

Durabase products are JHAI single story approved so you can avoid needless building control issues which can delay your extension.


Difficult sites = difficult builds

Unlike with Durabase, if you have uneven or sloping sites or maybe a site with difficult access? This can cause issues during build process including delays, and further costs incurred.

Didn’t need to compare. Liked what we saw - Durabase came to show you what they can do and how easy it is which we loved.
- Gary (Goldseal Conservatories)